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It's Ok to go Slow.

​I have always been a kinda tightly wound perfectionist, self-proclaimed stress head. In my 20’s I was fiery and” reactive” but now things are well… a little more chilled.

I used to tackle life my to do list like the Loony Toons character Tasmanian Devil.

Whizzing into the room speaking incoherently and fast then whizz out again, but now I’m a little more relaxed, a little more chilled, but yet some how everything is still getting done.

Some of this change could be put down to age – ouch! Yep now I have fallen over into my 4th decade of life, I realise that things are going to go awry and there is not always anything I can do other than roll with it. In many of my Stress Workshops I often said that stress usually happens when we try and fit the world to our ideals and fit the perfect box. But that’s not life. Life is unexpected. Life is messy. Life is learning to play the hand that has been dealt in the best way possible.

The other changes in attitude could be put down to a change in location and change in pace. Recently relocating to the country should have put me out of my comfort zone, pushing me over into Stressville - New town. New people. New routines – but here’s the thing…. It hasn’t!

Life is slower here, but everything that needs to get done gets done, and those that don’t, well they can wait until tomorrow.

Why? What makes country life slower paced living than city life. There are two main things I can see which are having a big impact:

  1. The greenery. For those of you who know me know I love my green space, to be in the bush or amongst the trees. But in the city suburban world this is not highly valued. Trees and bush lands are cleared to make way for housing estates, where no one has a backyard or garden space! Here no matter what window I look out I can see more trees (and we are in town) that I ever could see in the the suburban landscape! The wide streets are tree lined (literally) and I mean big old trees which give character to the streets but also help me feel at ease.

  1. The other thing I attribute is the quiet! While we are not on acreage (yet) it’s just quieter! Seriously, in weeks, I have only heard one siren and we live on what would be considered a busy street by country standards. With the cut in the noise it helps everything else to be clearer. There is time to just sit and be quite and enjoy the serenity.

Photo: philm1310 - Pixabay

So what does all of this mean? I feel content. And happy. No longer the need to keep with the hustle and bustle of being busy for the sake of being busy. This was apparent when I first arrived into town with the kids and the cat in the car. After a 5 hour drive and multiple stops for pees, poos and vomiting – (fun times) I was happy to arrive. I jumped out of the car and started issuing orders at the kids of what they needed to do and how it should happen. Hubby went down the road to get lunch to returning to me barking at the kids in full “Tazzie Devil” mode. He walked up to me and placed both hand on my shoulders and said “I know what’s wrong – you need to slow down! You’re in the country now!”

From that point on I have tried to embrace the country way….. and shhh, I love it! I take the time and notice where I am and who and what’s around me, not rushing from Point A to Point B. Having a rough plan for the day but allowing the ebb and flow of life to influence and not fight it.

This all become very apparently recently when organising birthday celebrations. Being pressured from others for information that I would have normally had planned to a tee and just replying – oh I’ll let you know. Not getting wound up when the Taxi didn’t arrive when it was supposed too… just shrugging my shoulders and looking for other options, and you know what? It all turned out ok!

So what’s the take home here other than I’m loving country life? Now, I know the idea of moving away from the city may have a few of you breathing into paper bags and not for everyone buts here somethings you can do.

  1. Let go of trying to plan? Life is fluid and will change, just go with it! The more you plan the more things will change. The more things deviate from the plan the more you will feel stressed as things don’t go to plan. Go with a rough idea instead and see what happens - you might be surprised!

  2. Get outside. Studies have shown that being in green spaces is good for both you physically and mentally.

  3. Take time to just stop, and maybe even smell the roses! Appreciate what you have and what’s around you. The people you love. The things you love. Just sit and stare out the window. Be still, be content

Image: Wix Stock photos (not me!!)

It's Ok not to have a plan. Its ok not to be busy!

Just stop and take time to smell the roses!



Allison is a qualified Naturopathy and Nutritional & Western Herbal Medicine. As the founder of Fundamental Wellbeing she specialises in gut health and stress related conditions. Allison possesses as strong passion for all things health and wellness, she understands that balance is essential to life, looking for real world solutions to help client’s reach their health goals.

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