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Argh! Diets. A real world experience.

You look down and see bits wobbling on your body that never wobbled before and are suddenly struck with the fear…… AHHH I need to go on a diet. You eat lettuce and kale smoothies for 2 weeks, are cranky and depressed. You deprive yourself of everything you feel is bad for you, you count your calories, you avoid carbs, and no chocolate - that's too just too much of a temptation, but were doing it for our health, right?

You jump on the scales on a daily basis to check your process. You experience a roller coaster of emotions. Your weight is fluctuating (especially the ladies) fluctuates sometimes daily, how can I be 500g heavier than yesterday? Your mood is depressed, until day 10 you break. Just one Tim Tam will be ok, surly? As soon as that one sweet chocolately crumb hits your tongue a monster rages inside you, screaming for you to eat more. More! MORE!!!

Then becomes the scoffing session as your will power collapsed as is smothered by the temptation, carb deprived monster and its take over.

The scene resembles a combination of something Henry the IIIV would be proud of and a pride of lions gorging themselves on the first big kill. But you don’t care you worked hard, you have missed out and been without, you deserve this……. But then comes the guilt and remorse, it rises inside you like your indigestion.

You sit back and survey the scene with disgust… you broke, how could you? Its ok it was only one meal.

You clean away the scene better than a crime scene cleaning crew.

Nothing is left no one will know….. But you know!

Hubby comes home looking for the Tim Tams. You convince him he finished them all the night before - more guilt.

The kids want to know what happened to their Easter Eggs (in November) you tell them you’re not sure, maybe the Easter Bunny took them back as they hadn’t finished them - more guilt.

But tomorrow is another day, and another chance to start.

Your back on the diet bandwagon! Everything is awesome this time. You’re not going to break it, you have a goal weight you want to be. You measure and weigh, portion out your food. Look depressingly at your lettuce leaf as the rest of the family tucks into the nachos you just made them. Maybe one corn chip. No. Be strong you can do it!

Finally - you did it!!! Your “goal weight” achieved. Woohoo. Celebrate. Now you can eat whatever you want. Hello Carbs. Hello Chocolate - let’s never fight again!!!

Time goes by and you notice your clothes are feeling tight again. Your noticing bits wobbling that shouldn’t be wobbling. You stopped them wobbling. Why are the wobbling? You pull out the scales and blow of the dust. Nervously you step on. You stomach sinks…… its back!

The weight is back, but it bought more to the party. You mutter profanities and berate yourself, how could you let this happen. We that’s it! You’ll have to go back on your diet. You head to the shops and by all the kale in stock, and start the cycle again.

This scene has been re-created based on a true story, the names and places have been changed to protect the innocent.

Diet. It’s a four-letter word. Think I might start using it that way too. Oh My god this is such a diet!

Diet ‘ (adj.) describing a period of time which is unpleasant and unsustainable, bringing misery to those around it.

Unfortunately, the meaning has been skewed to now mean and short period of time where we deprive ourselves of certain foods in the pursuit of weight loss and health. Often these losses are unstainable and create a cycle as more weight is gained once the diet has ceased, creating a viscous cycle.

Stop the madness. Free yourselves. STOP DIETING!!!! Once I stopped dieting and actually made long term sustainable changes to my eating and lifestyle habits this amazing thing happened…. I became happier, with not only how I felt but also how I look! I don’t deprive myself of anything. If I want it I have it, some times with a side of remorse as things don’t tastes as good as you wish they had, or you suddenly remember as it repeats on you for the 100th time why I don’t eat that any more. I eat to fuel and nourish my body, putting in the best food I can when I can, and some days you just want, sorry need that bit of chocolate or biscuit, and that’s ok (as long as it’s not every day 😊 ).

The take away: DON”T DIET!!! Just eat loads of vegetables most of the time, eat good quality lean protein, moderate servings of fats (the good ones) and carbs. Eat to fuel your body not to deprive. If you do this 80% of the time then if you do splurge a little it’s not uncontrollable and can be enjoyable without the side of guilt.

Allie xxxx

Allison is a qualified Naturopathy and Nutritional & Western Herbal Medicine. As the founder of Fundamental Wellbeing she specialises in gut health and stress related conditions. Allison possesses as strong passion for all things health and wellness, she understands that balance is essential to life, looking for real world solutions to help client’s reach their health goals.

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