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For the nights you can’t be asked!

You’re on your way home from work and it’s been a long, long week. The boss has been in a mood all day, several clients have “expressed their dissatisfaction” at you, June’s been sick so you had to pick up her slack and now you must go home to the hungry mouths to feed and you know there won’t be a “Hi, how was your day?” in sight just a “What’s for dinner?”. Yet, the mere thought of cooking tonight makes you want to crawl into the foetal position and cry, but apparently, you need to feed these people, argh what to do?

When you are feeling more organised stock up the freezer with an abundance of easy go-to meals which require little input from you. Bolognaise, casseroles, soups and curries are simple to prepare in large quantities, popping the leftovers the freezer. However, even the freezer can run dry, so now what to do?

Cooked Chook and a pre-made salad from the supermarket– No, this is not health food but it is far better than other take away choices that are out there.

In the winter months, pre-made soups in the fresh section of your supermarket are also an easy go- to. Always choose fresh over canned or other choices which have ridiculously long shelf lives, as the ingredients and packaging processes generally rob any nutritional or “health” value the product may have once had.

A dip dinner (we call it picks too) is also a healthier and easier choice (and a favourite of some of the Astarte residents). Chop up lots of veggies, carrots, celery, capsicum, broccoli and beans can all be used to dip into your favourite hummus, tzatziki or baba ganoush.

So, you really, really want takeaway, but still want to keep it healthy (well sort of)?

Your local Thai restaurant can be of assistance, but choose wisely! Not all is as wholesome as it seems. Stay away from anything deep fried and some dishes come with a wallop of sugar. Rice paper rolls and salads are great choices as are stir-fries with loads of veggies. Anything deep fried is not your friend, yes sorry that means the curry puffs and spring rolls too.

Looking for other takeaway options from the Asian continent? Chinese – Soups, and steamed dumplings and vegies are a far better choice than anything deep fried (Yes, sorry that include sweet and sour pork and honey chicken).

Want something a little spicier? The local Indian can provide you with tomato based curries but ask for extra vegies. However, back away from the poppadums and limit the naan bread you are noshing on.

Passing by the local pizzeria (not the mass chains stores – just keep on driving past them) many of these will also have a pasta menu choose tomato base sauces over the cream ones, and make it a small serve. If you really and truly must have pizza make it a small one (reduces the chances of overeating), have it loaded with vege! Ditch the BBQ sauces and other speciality sauces (these are usually overloaded with sugar) and severely restrict a number of meat toppings (these are usually highly processed and come with high salt, fats and other chemicals which are not health friendly).

These choices should be limited, suggestions made in this post are limited in their health benefits and over-consumption may hinder your health and wellness goals.



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