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Makes sense to me!

So this is my first attempt at a blog and using a programme I have no idea about, and I won’t even mention posting on the big world wide web, well because it makes me anxious (I like my safe little world – they know me here!). It is my ambition with this blog bring you regular information about health wellness and the world of natural therapies.

Everyone’s health journey is different. Yet in modern medicine today we are allotted a box to which our symptoms fit, and then prescribed the medications which are also fitted to that box, without any real thought as to how the symptoms have come about. Natural medicine made sense to me with the philosophy of diagnosing and treatment of the underlying cause. Because let’s face it what is causing your headache and what is causing my headache may be completely different, yet if you just pop a pill it will cure that ill. Well at least make it seem like it for a little while!

I recently came across the analogy which describe our health as a tree. When the tree is healthy and happy, the tree thrives and the leaves are bright and glossy. But if something is wrong then the leaves may turn brown and fall from the tree (unless it’s winter and a deciduous tree). You wouldn’t pick up the leave and paint them green, then try to stick them back on the tree would you? You would look at nurturing the tree, look at its food and water and the root of the problem (literally). Natural medicines take this approach to discovering the underlying cause and treating it as well as possible symptomatic relief.

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