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Snack Smart

Got the munchies and looking to hold off the stomach gremlins ’til your next meal? Feeling and energy or mood slump?

Snacking can help us manage our blood sugar levels and mood (no-one likes you when you’re hangry) so sometimes we just need to have a snack. A little something, something to help us get through the rest of the day but be warned, snacking can be the downfall of many.

Chose poorly and you can watch your waistline grow, the scales won’t move (or they move in the wrong direction) and your health declines, but choose wisely and you can enhance your health and help shrink your waistline.

Here are some Smart Simple Snacks, to satisfy sweet and savoury Senses.

One piece of fruit.

- While fruit is packed full of fibre, vitamins and minerals it is high in natural fruit sugars. If you are watching your waistline or have health conditions such as type II diabetes or metabolic syndrome, choose fruits which are lower on the glycemic index scale to avoid blood sugar spikes and crashes.

A small handful of unsalted raw nuts (but peanuts are best avoided).

- My personal favourites are almonds, walnuts, macadamias or pistachios.

Apple slices with almond butter.

- Sounds weird but is truly tasty, honest – try it!

A good old-fashioned hard-boiled egg.

- Pack with protein, vitamins and minerals, and comes in its own biodegradable packaging.

Coconut and date rolls (a favourite at the Astarte Mind & Body Studio).

- These can be homemade or can also be purchased pre-made in the produce section of big supermarkets.

Hummus or Tzatziki dip with carrot and celery sticks (I also like green beans too).

- Making your own dips is always best, however, if buying store-bought, look for options with the minimum of ingredients and free of sugar, preservatives and colourings.

Banana chips or dried fruit.

- These are also a handy option to have in your bag or drawer at work, however, limit your intake. Dehydration of fruit concentrates the sugars, the more we consume the more sugar we take in.

Homemade Sweet potato chips (use Himalayan rock salt).

Sometimes you just want crunchy salty, I get it, I’m the same. But store bought chippies are usually cooked in canola, sunflower oils or other types which can cause inflammation in our bodies and damage our overall health.

Or for a Chocolate Twist……….

- Chia puddings (small serving). This can be made with chocolatey goodness or can be made with berries or mango. Have a play see what combos work for your taste buds.

Chocolate Chia Pudding

250ml of Almond or Coconut milk (or both) 1/3 Cup Chia Seed 2 Tablespoons pure Maple Syrup 1 Tablespoon Cacao Nibs 1 Teaspoon Cacao powder

Add all ingredients to a bowl and stir well. Pop in the fridge for a few hours to allow the chia to swell and give a thick mousse or custard consistency. If too runny add a little more Chia seed and chill for a bit longer.

Serve with berries or eat on its own. Makes 4 serves

Happy safe snacking!



Allison Faulkner is a qualified and accredited Naturopath, also holding additional qualifications in Nutritional Medicine. She runs a Naturopathy and Wellness clinic in Albion Park, NSW where she co-founded the Whole Life Wellness Programme.

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