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Refelxology: More than a foot rub

When our feet hurt, we hurt all over – Socrates

Anyone with sore aching feet knows this to be true, but what if we could positively impact our health just by rubbing our feet? Imagine if by massaging our organs through specific points on our feet we could enhance their function and vitality.

While it all may sound too good to be true, this principle is the basis of the holistic medicine practice known as Reflexology. This age-old Natural Therapy foundations target certain points or particular areas on the hands, feet and lower leg corresponding to internal organs and other physical structures of our bodies. By massaging these areas, we can assist organ function, ease aches and ailments as well as identify potential trouble spots before they become an issue.

Reflexology supports overall health through :

  • Increasing circulation,

  • Enhancing the clearance of toxins and waste

  • Support and stimulation of the immune system,

  • Reducing stress and relaxing muscles muscle

  • Aid in balancing hormones

  • Improve nerve function as well as relieve pain

  • Improve sleep.

Reflexology can be used safely to help everyone from the very young to the elderly and can provide support for chronic conditions or be used as part of an acute treatment plan.

Interested in learning more about Reflexology and how to self-administer it?

Fundamental Wellbeing is hosting a workshop in Mudgee on the 27 May. This workshop will be conducted by Vanessa Wilson (a.k.a Ness the Naturopath). During this fun-filled two hours, Ness will share just some of her 20 years of experience in both Reflexology and Aromatherapy. Each participant will receive a workshop pack including a Reflexology map and essential oils-infused cream to take home. There will be free giveaways including a wellness pack for one of our lucky attendees.

Places are limited and bookings are essential. To secure your spot book through Evenbrite:

For more information contact Allison on 0409 570723.


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