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5 health reasons to visit a Naturopath

Practicing natural and wholistic medicine, Naturopathy takes in a wide range of treatments and

therapies. Naturopaths utilise both traditional and evidence based modalities to help bring wellness

back to their clients. This wholistic practice looks at each person as an individual with treatments

focusing on the body’s ability to heal itself.

Reasons to visit a Naturopath are wide and varied however there are often 5 reoccurring issues that

people seek Naturopathic advice:

1. Gut issues – from regular stomach aches, wind, heart burn, indigestion or pooping problems

– be it all in or all out, gut concerns are one of the most common reasons to visit a

Naturopath. There are a wide and varied cases of gastrointestinal issues, from diet, food

intolerances, pathogens and microbiome imbalances, to chronic inflammatory disease. It

was Hippocrates who said that all healing begins in the gut and getting gut health right can

be key to not only your overall health but your day to day wellbeing - making your day feel a

little better when not having to deal with constant stomach issues.

2. Skin troubles – the skin is not only our biggest organ it is also one of our elimination organs

helping expel toxins and wastes. When our other elimination organs such as our

gastrointestinal system aren’t operating at full capacity, then the skin picks up the slack. This

can manifest in acne/pimples, eczema and even exacerbation of psoriasis. Skin rashes and

issues can also manifest from dietary intolerances, skin irritations or reactions as well as

some nutritional deficiencies. The role of the Naturopath is to uncover the underlying cause

of each condition and provide symptomatic treatment as well as helping address the actual

factors causing the issues in the first place.

3. Sleep issues – sleep seems like the most natural thing in the world, until you’re not getting

enough. Ask any Mum of a new born and they will quickly tell you how important it is to get

a good night’s sleep. Sleep quality and quantity can be impacted by many factors (not just

small children) with stress being one of the major inhibitors, with lack of sleep then also

becoming a stressor, making a vicious cycle. Good sleep hygiene is always key to getting

quality shut eye, leaving phones and electronic devices out of the bedroom and following a

night-time ritual can increase the chances of a good night’s rest. With improved sleep we

often see not only an improvement in mood, reduced caffeine reliance as well as overall

improvement in general wellbeing as good sleep is essential for hormone function, immune

function and even digestion and detoxification.

4. Periods Woahs – periods are a great report card of how things have been tracking in your

body. Stress can have a major effect on our body’s and can through our menstrual cycles in

to havoc, while PMS and cravings can indicate that your liver may need some assistance or

you may have a vitamin or mineral imbalance. Heavy and painful periods are no fun for

anyone and may indicated micronutrient imbalances or other underlying disorders.

Correcting the cause as soon as possible can be key in assisting with fertility. Contraceptive

pills can often mask issues, making it harder for women when looking to conceive, as these

issues can take some time to be corrected.

5. Lacking energy – Almost EVERY client who has walked into a Naturopath’s office complains

of a lack of energy, brain fog, or fatigue. While these issues can sometimes be readily

rectified by good sleep hygiene or addressing the stress, there are times when the

Naturopath may need to dig a little deeper. Food sensitivities or vitamin and mineral

deficiencies can underpin this simple common complaint – correcting these deficiencies can

help you stop feeling like you need an afternoon nap, give you better clarity of thought as

well as better stress resilience all having a massive impact on not only our health but your

general wellbeing.

Naturopathy isn’t a quick fix or a magic pill, depending on the health issue it can be a long and slow

journey, but what it does is empowers you with the knowledge to help you make the best choice on

your health as often as possible. It can seem like climbing a mountain sometimes but if you take one

a small step at a time, once you get to the top, you’ll be amazed at how far you have come and how

great, you can feel.

Allie xxx

Allison is qualified in Naturopathy, Nutritional and Western Herbal Medicine. As the founder of

Fundamental Wellbeing, and has been practicing for over 7 years. Allison specialises in gut health

and stress related conditions and possesses a strong passion for all things health and wellness, while

understanding that balance is essential to life, looking for real world solutions to help clients reach

their health goals.

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