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Deck the Halls with Shreds of Sanity

So is it just me or to things tend to spin wildly out of control this time of year? You would think that as the end draws to a close and we get closer to summer break that, well things should be crusiy…… but it rarely seems to be the case.

Time pressures seem to amp up as well all try to madly finish or undertake tasks which should have been done earlier in the year. Coupled with this is the pressures which come from end of year activities; school presentation, sports presentations, Christmas parties and family events seem to clog every available minute of the calendar, and let’s not even mention the dreaded Christmas shopping (insert dramatic sound effects, here).

So how do we survive the silly season? How can we ensure that we have enough in the tank to get us through to the new year?

1. It’s ok to say no!

This is a great rule for any time of the year. Many of us have this overwhelming need to say yes and please everyone around us, often with little regard for ourselves and our own health and mental health. We don’t have to attend every social event we are invited too. If you really can’t pick up your brother’s guinea pig from the vet, then say so. If it’s not ok to pick up your husband and his inebriated mates from their work party – say so, rather than harbouring resentment. Saying no is ok, as long as you say it nicely.

2. Embrace online shopping

I think the time has come for Christmas shopping to be listed as an extreme sport or the newest form of obstacle racing – seriously! There is the first obstacle of trying to find a carpark, with the other thousands of people battling for the premo spot. This can then be taken to the next level of ultimate carpark stalking, where you creepily follow the person walking to their car, like a jaguar stalking its prey in the jungle (only to find out they are doing the dump and run back to the shops – b@$#%*ds!). Once you actually get a parking spot you then have to walk you daily step quota of 10,000 just to get to the main doors of the shopping centre where you are blasted with Christmas carols from the speakers with the intent to put you in the Christmas mood, but in fact slowly irritates you into an irrational rage which will come bursting out at an innocent shop assistant when your card fails to read for the third time that day as the other cranky patrons behind you tap their feet impatiently.

There is a better way – Oh internet how I love you! Seriously Internet shopping – rocks! Not only can you shop in your dressing gown and slippers with bed hair and a glass of wine – no one judges you! And the stuff comes right to your door. Ok so you may have to pay a little more due to shipping, but I consider this the price of sanity. Although you may have to deal with the disgruntled staff at the post office, but at least it’s only one stop!

3. Be kind to everyone – especially yourself.

With things being as busy as they are at this time we tend to let old and sometimes bad habits creep in. We may berate ourselves because we didn’t achieve what we wanted to for the day. We had a food blowout at the work Christmas party and now you think that all your healthy habits are going to come on done. Life is stressful and we shouldn’t be scolding ourselves for what we haven’t done. This is the time of year where you should look back at the achievements of the and be thankful and celebrate what we do have and spend the time with the people that you truly want to be with.

P.S. if you do have a food blowout (or alcohol blowout) it’s ok! Just start the next meal fresh and be kind to your body (by feeding it the good stuff).

Happy Christmas, may your sanity (or whats left of it) stay in tact.



Allison Faulkner is a qualified and accredited Naturopath, also holding additional qualifications in Nutritional Medicine.She runs a Naturopathy and Wellness clinic in Albion Park, NSW.

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